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The time is now! Undeniably now the time to visit Portugal and its landscapes, time to get to know the villages and the people and above all, time to come and explore the city of 7 hills: Lisbon!


The city was founded by the Phoenicians under the name of Alis Ubbo (“safe harbour”) and shortly afterwards was conquered by the Greeks and Carthaginians. Lisbon became the capital of Roman Lusitania, changing its name to Olissipo. With the fall of the Romans, it became part of the Swabian kingdom of Galicia until 585.


During the reign of Afonso III, the bases for the maritime expansion of Portugal were established in Lisbon, to which the development of maritime laws dictated by King Ferdinand I contributed fundamentally.


At the end of the 14th century, the mercantile oligarchy joined the Avis dynasty and the period that would lead to the great discoveries of the following century began.


The story goes that this area of ​​the city was once called Valverde, due to a tributary for Tejo River. An irregularly branched square, having always been a large space where fairs and markets were held. After the earthquake of 1755, the square was rebuilt according to Carlos Mardel's plan, rebirthing a rectangular square.

Over the centuries, everything has changed, we have become more digital and life has changed drastically, yet iconic monuments remain the gulf link between the ancient and the contemporary.


Explore its boroughs, explore the monuments and sightseeings, explore Rossio! Enter this world that Rossio Hostel fork out you.


Rossio Hostel is a symbol of hustle. A brand that is an affirmation, that intends to make a difference, to do it differently, with consistency always tracking the way.

Rossio Hostel embraces all travelers and adventurers backpackers in Lisbon! Regardless of whether you travel solo, as a family or with a group of friends, our team will always be the best hosts ever. Even being multicultural, hospitality, so typically of portuguese people, is our daily menu!

With the highest standards of quality, commodities and friendliness, enjoy the comfort and inviting atmosphere of our brand-new hostel! Find the best place to live an unforgettable experience, in one of the most exquisite european cities.


Lisbon is one of the oldest cities in the world and the second oldest European capital after Athens. Did you know this?! We bet not! The story goes that Julius Caesar made it a municipality called Felicitas Julia, adding the name of Olissipo. After the fall of the Roman Empire, it came to be ruled by a series of Germanic tribes from the 5th century. And, much later, in  1147, Afonso Henriques - first King of Portugal - conquered the city and since then it has been the political center, country's economic and cultural focal point.


A city built on its 7 hills and bathed by Tejo River that winks its eye to the Atlantic Ocean. Lisbon is a bubbly city that contrasts memories, stories and cultural influences that bring visual impact to its urban landscape, making it unique.

Lisbon, in the last decades, has been the leading lady of several international events, which cements its worldwide importance and comes to recapture what it once lived, from its foundation to the present day.



If you arrive by plane, you immediately realize that the city enjoys the best views in the world. And then just check-in with us and go up to our viewpoints, terraces and enjoy panoramic views over the city. Each hill seems to come out of a portrait drawn on a Pessoa napkin and there is always a place where you can observe the locals and their way of life, making your stay with us wealthier! However, if you prefer to discover our beaches, Lisbon is also the city to do so!

The city has around 2,806 hours of sunshine a year! Great for a nice walk around town or a fabulous day at the beach! The city has an answer for whatever mood we find ourselves in!

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